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This is where you will get in-depth information about how to interact with Gravito, ideologies on which it is based, its interfaces and api end points

Ideology behind Gravito

Gravito's C model


Data collection is essential to solution to work. Every website, mobile application, email, redirected URL etc. will contribute to data collection. If the customer has given the consent to collect the data of his/hers behavior, will that enrich the customer profile. In opposite case the data is not being collected from domains that don't have the consent or not collected at all.
Everything in Gravito works around consents, meaning the permissions to use data and different channels to communicate with customer. Consents are given on domain and company level, allowing different setup for any party in Gravito network or all settings can be global and management of permissions is super-simple to end-user.


End-user can connect his/hers data to various parties in Gravito network. In basic this means that one customer profile can be used by various companies and their subsidiaries and end-user controls whether data is shared between these parties. Each party has also their private data that is never shared so business critical and trade secret type of data is not shared to other parties.


Every user in Gravito is in full control of their own data and how it is used. Transparent system allows monitoring and reporting of how data is being used and settings for control can be changed any time and those are reflected immediatelly.


When customer data is being shared between multiple companies or subsidiaries it grows in value. Valuable data allows better customer experience and well targeted offers and service. Again, all consolidation is controlled by the end-user and without permission no data is combined with other domain ever.


Growing value of data means commercial interest. This benefits the end-user directly, they can commercialize the data that is being collected about them and decide the balance between sharing and the commercial value. Value can materialize as well-targeted offers where the price is reducted with the value of data.


Centralized customer data allows border-crossing loayalty programs, instead of registering to tens of those the customer can centralize their behavior as buying customer, decide how much different parties are able to target and consume that data. Consumer will see this as bundled offers and chained affiliation programs.


End-user is allowed to change his/hers mind anytime, change their profile data regarding the address, email, telephone etc. or change the permission settings and control e.g. how much newsletters and other type of communication is received.
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